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How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

Contact us during our business hours to schedule an appointment.

What Will I Need To Bring To My First Appointment?

At your first appointment your will need to bring a form of ID and  your insurance information. In an effort to save you time feel free to visit the  Forms Page to print and complete the forms needed for your first visit.

Do I Need A Doctor's Prescription?

Most insurance company's do not require a doctors order with the exceptation  of Medicare and Medicaid. Feel free to give our office a call and we will help you determine if your insurance requires a doctors order.

Is My Insurance Accepted at Your Facility?

We do accept most insurance plans including but not limited to Blue Cross Plans, Medicare, Medicaid, United Healthcare, Tricare and more. If you have more questions regarding your insurance feel free to call our office and we will assist you.

How Long Are The Visits?

Your initially visit will  last approximately one hour. You and the Physical Therapist will discuss your goals, go over your medical history and your lifestyle to determine the best approach to your care and recovery. Your follow up visits will last approximately 30-45 minutes, you will receive one on one care.

How Often Will I Have To Come?

As each patient is unique, all physical therapy programs are individualized in treatment plan, goals and frequency of visits. After your visit our Physical Therapist will discuss your program with you and inform you in what he thinks is best to help you attain your goals.